Carlin (corner) prepares to make his move on Richards

The Takeover is possibly the best-remembered scene in Scum.

Violent justice is brought about by inmate Carlin upon the bullying gang led by Banks, the ruling 'Daddy' - one by one, he takes them down, and steals the position for himself.

Scene breakdownEdit

The scene begins in the association room, where Carlin is standing against a wall checking his surroundings. He then removes two snooker balls from a table that Meakin and Toyne are having a game on, and slips them into a sock, telling the lads to "Carry on". They seem to know what is about to happen and casually do so.

Carlin then moves over to the television area, where Richards is hassling Woods, and then Archer also when he sticks up for him. Carlin seizes his chance, and as Richards turns around, smashes him across the head with his homemade cosh, knocking Richards to the floor. Eckersley instantly gets up to try and run away and warn Banks, but is cowed into submission by a fierce shout of "Back, grass!" by Carlin. Eckersley meekly sits back down, fearing further violence. Carlin then finishes off Richards with kicks to the body as he lays on the floor whimpering in fear and pain.

Carlin then replaces the snooker balls back on the table and runs upstairs to hunt down Banks. After checking the dorm room, Jackson signals to him that Banks is in the bathroom. Carlin finds him totally off guard, washing his face in a sink basin, and smashes Banks' head on the taps and dunks him in water. Shocked and breathless, Banks is then thrown against a wall where Carlin punches him repeatedly in the ribs. Banks topples over with a final knee to his groin.

Carlin stands over his defeated nemesis and yells the infamous words, "Right Banks, you bastard! I'm the daddy now, next time, I'll f***in' kill ya!" Carlin then finshes him off with savage kicks to the groin, and leaves Banks on the floor, seriously injured and in a lot of pain.

Warder Mr Sands tries furiously to get Richards and Banks to name Carlin as the attacker, but to no avail as they give the usual 'slipped' excuse. After trying to threaten Carlin into admitting his offence, Sands tries to provoke him into attacking him also. Carlin remains cool throughout, refusing to respond.

Sands, knowing he has no proof, bitterly walks away hissing "I'll 'ave you!". Carlin smiles to himself, comfortable in the knowledge that the 'daddy' position is now safely his.


The scene was filmed in two continuous takes, with the Steadicam following Carlin across the recreation room and then up the stairway to the dorm bathrooms.

To get the effect on the snookerball cosh, a crew member swapped another sock with ping-pong balls into Ray Winstone's hand off-shot as the camera panned up, and an audio effect was dubbed in to create the sickening 'clatter' sound.

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