'Daddy' is the title given to the most prominent 'alpha male' inmate in the borstal who controls the others through fear and respect.

Special privileges are given by the warders to the individual who keeps the others in line, and it is a position often challenged and fought over. Daddies often control the incoming money and tobacco of the other inmates, and 'tax' it accordingly.

The term 'Top Dog' or 'The Big Dog' is used in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Three inmates have owned this title at one time or another in Scum:

Daddies in ScumEdit

  • Carlin (A-Wing daddy after disposing of Banks, gained outside control of B-Wing after defeating 'Baldy')
  • 'Baldy' (B-Wing daddy, challenged Carlin for overall control, was beaten and defeated in a surprise counter-attack)

Tall inmate James may also be a possible daddy of C-Wing, although this is not made clear; his comrades and cell neighbours Smith and Chambers often accompany him (including the wing maintenance meeting and the gang rape of Davis in the greenhouse), implying that he almost certainly has power and influence of some sort.

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