Taylor assaults Carlin

The Arrival at the borstal involves three new inmates - Carlin, Davis and Angel - and is the opening scene for the film.

Scene breakdownEdit

All three are in a van, handcuffed, and being transported.

On arrival they are hurriedly let out of the van by the escort and the warders to be signed in to their new location. Angel is first, shoved out into the corridor after being racially abused by warder Mr Taylor. Carlin is next, and he is ordered into the office by Taylor to be signed in by Mr Hunt.

They waste no time in reminding him that they know of his history - Carlin was transferred from previous borstal 'Rowley', where he assaulted an officer (in self-defence; it later turns out three officers were assaulting Carlin) and assert themselves to Carlin, slapping him, telling him when to speak and not to speak, and threatening that they will "have his stinking hooligan guts for garters". Carlin plays it straight and obedient, not wishing to provoke them.

Carlin is then subjected to a vicious beating to the groin, ribs and stomach by Taylor, while Hunt orders him to pick up his belongings. They then shove him out into the hall, and Davis is called in.

The scene ends, with a beaten and furious Carlin snarling "Bastards!".

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